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Minerals Trade And Investments In Africa

PCTI was founded in 2020 to promote the Agricultural and Mineral sectors of the African Continent by
creating opportunities for value addition and finding new markets.
PCTI's ambition is to partner with and promote innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in
trade and investment. PCTI hopes to create more employment opportunities in Africa by stimulating the
growth of small industries on the continent, especially those owned by women and youth.
Our Company

We are established with an intention to ensure that the African continent’s natural resources are receiving a balanced trade and investment with the rest of the world and within the content as well. We are a social impact company that aims to grow industries and create employment opportunities for youth and women of African descent.

Minerals Trade And Investments In Africa


We thrive to maintain a balanced trade and investment of African natural resources with the rest of the world. For that, we have strategies our practices in a way that boosts the green economy. We have created the perfect fusion between the environment and the mindful use of natural resources.


Being a social impact company, we strive to adhere to sound and ethical business practices. We make sure that the working environment is safe and the workers are not treated unfairly in terms of respect or wages. Also, we keep the safety of our clients at the forefront and all of our products are chemical-free and organic.

Environment & Sustainability

At Providence Continental Trade and Investments Limited (PCTI), we give great stress to the environment and sustainability. We believe that being committed to the conservation of natural resources and the environment falls under the ethical structure of the company. Thus we strictly adhere to mindful practices that boost the green economy.



Paul is an Economist, entrepreneur and a management Consultant in areas of business development services, Automation, public  engagement  and training in Africa.

He has extensive experience in both Public and Private Sector Projects namely Commercial FMCG,
Urban And Physical planning projects, National and Physical Addressing Projects, Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship Projects.

Paul has worked and lived in Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya and serves as a director in several local firms.

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